Smallsword… for we are many.

Smallsword… for we are many.Article is available in English.We glad to introduce you our first publication at the famous «independent, neutral meeting ground and resource site» HROARR — article «Smallsword… for we are many». This publication is dedicated to one of the intersting and splendid Europian weapon of XVII — XVIII centuries — smallsword. The main idea of the article is a brief introduction to the great deal of the names of the smallsword depending on the time, purpose and place of use. Article was published first time in Russian language as an openning theme for the large smallsword section at Historical Fencing online magazine Article was translated, changed and renamed a little specifically for HROARR site in accordance with style appropriate writing articles in English. You may read the whole article at the HROARR site using reference link

Editor ..OnFencing..

«This weapon has many names, and starting with its early period it appears, named by modern historians transition from which it was called transitional rapier to the most famous name true small sword, where it finally gained the most well-known to us the outlines which are similar in the most European countries». — author Igor Andreev.


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