European Historical Fencing magazine for English auditory.

You are welcome. On Fencing – European Fencing: Studies & SourcesDear Colleagues!

You are welcome at Historical and Literary Magazine «European Historical Fencing: people, facts & events». It offers a fascinating journey into the world of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA); to touch the archival material; to argue with chroniclers and scholars; to look into fencing halls of past and present; to understand better the habits and customs of the people …

This page should be addressed for the English-speaking auditory. I suppose, in this chapter there should be special publications translated from Russian language. This is the best way to introduce our contribution into investigation of HEMA resources and treatises to the HEMA community.

Up to now you may use for translation Google Resources. We are trying to do our best in using literary corrected language at the publications. It means that translation tools should translate publications into English at the best way.

Dear Readers.For English-speaking readers.

For those who is interesting of news, publications and media at the magazine «European Fencing: People, facts & Events» there is an additional service. If you see a balloon at the page of publication that means that there is brief information in English inside of article. If you point mouse over balloon at the top of the page you will see «For English-speaking scroll down». If you open then the whole publication and scroll down you will see a section with English text marked with balloon as well. You are welcome to read the text section  in English.

You may check an example at


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