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Online historical and literary magazine «Historical European Fencing: People, Facts & Events» is a project, devoted to scientific and practical study of the manuscripts, treatises and textbooks on European types of fencing and covers the period from the early work from the beginning of 14th century until the first half of the 20th century.


Magazine «On Fencing» is designed for a lot of readers. This replenishing collection of already published and new essays, articles and translations of foreign publications, abstracts, and critical notes, photos and video of public and private collections.

It is a resource that would like to acquaint the reader with the Russian foreign clubs, schools, associations and practices of the European fencing.


Appearance, menu, format text messenger chosen based convenience to use and read. Dark grey font on a light background is the best choice for reading. This is the most convenient combination of colors for the reading of the texts and in the afternoon and in the evening, and scalability can easily read and accept the text not only from the computer, but also from mobile carriers. Tested on iPad, on tablets Android, communicators. With the mass use of wireless communication forms, such mobility can greatly simplify the study of the material in class.

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